Appalachian Computer Systems, Inc.

App-Com is a small business, focusing on affordable solutions for home and business networks.  App-Com offers a diverse range of products and services to fit your particular requirements, no matter how difficult the task.  Appalachian Computer Systems is adept at research, procurement, design, and integration for all types of computing hardware, from a single component to a fully integrated IP network moving data, voice, and video.

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What value does App-Com bring to us?

App-Com has strong expertise in component sourcing and system integration, which creates value on multiple levels.

First, it enables us to be sure we can deliver the right hardware for your project.  Then, once specifications are determined, we can cut procurement costs for you when the time comes to implement the plans.  Also, you are not limited to "cookie-cutter" solutions.

See some examples of computer hardware and software solutions App-Com can create for you:

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How can App-Com help us navigate I.T.?

App-Com's consulting services are geared toward helping you at each step of the way during the life cycle of your project; getting the most out of your investment in Information Technology.  We help by not only finding the right answers, but also by starting with the right questions.

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How do I get in touch with App-Com?

We encourage you to contact us with your computing needs.  Email is the best way to reach us.

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